How Serviced Offices Can Help Businesses Reduce Expenditure

Published: 23rd October 2011
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Finding a good office space for business to conduct their operations is not an easy task. In the past, business owners had to handle all aspects of office space installation- from spending money on office furniture, equipment, computer, and telephone systems to sourcing the right administrative personnel such as secretaries and receptionists. Thankfully, new serviced office spaces have sprung up in major urban areas that provide many of these amenities at an affordable cost.

Serviced offices are also known as executive suites and executive spaces. They are fully-equipped and fully-furnished offices run by a facility management company that rents individual offices or floors to third party companies. Serviced offices help business tenants cut costs by providing secretarial, administrative, and reception services as well as the use of business machines and other resources.

Some of the best serviced offices are located in prestigious buildings in highly recognized addresses in various central business districts. Moreover, these professional office spaces provide their tenants with more flexible space allocation: additional space can be allocated as staff size grows. Moreover, serviced office spaces can offer their tenants more flexible rental terms as opposed to the conventional leased office which bog down their tenants with restrictive leases.

A Tysons VA office space of this sort will offer only the best amenities and office equipment needed to run a business efficiently. Facilities will also be of high standard, helping the company present a professional appearance to clients. Fully-decorated reception rooms and lounges can be utilized by a company’s clients where they will be assisted by friendly receptionists and assistants. Other amenities include snack bars with complimentary beverages, meeting and conference rooms for brainstorming sessions, as well as private offices for interviews.

In order to conduct business operations efficiently, a Tysons VA office space of this sort provides their tenants with all the communication devices and business machines they need. Offices and cubicles will be installed with telephone systems, voicemail, VOIP, a fax line with fax machines, secure wireless Internet, as well as audiovisual equipment. This is a major advantage for companies that may not have the required capital to invest on such expensive equipment.

A Tysons VA office space of this kind also supplies their tenants with call screening, an organized mail room with incoming and outgoing mail processing, and may even provide additional add-ons like a health club and janitorial services.

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